What's ITFC and Bamboo Book?

Izumi Takemoto Fan Circle: ITFC
ITFC is a fan circle, or fan club, of Japanese MANGA artist "Izumi Takemoto", and his MANGAs.
ITFC issues original books, "Bamboo Book", and we talk about Izumi Takemoto and his MANGAs in the Bamboo Book.
Take care! The Bamboo Book are not books about plant bamboo.
In Japanese, "Takemoto" consists of two "kanji" characters.
One "kanji" character "take" means "bamboo" in English, and the other "moto" means "book".
So we call the books about Takemoto "Bamboo Book".

Our web-pages are encoded in Japanese character set only.

What's MANGA?

MANGA is a kind of cartoon, or a kind of comic strip.
Strictly speaking, MANGA is different from both cartoon and comic strip.
MANGA is a Japanese original culture or visual entertaiment just like as japanimation is.

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